Branding Studio

We are a Branding Studio for Startups.

We specialize in delivering exceptional logo design and branding services tailored for startups and businesses. As a deliberately compact Brand Identity Design Studio established in 2018, we are driven by our commitment to excellence. Operating remotely, we partner with businesses to cultivate robust and distinctive branding that leaves a lasting impact.

Branding & Logo Design Services by Creative Minds Factory

Our Services
We Provide these Services

These are some of the main design services we provide as a Branding Studio.

Logo Design

We create professional logos infused with a blend of logo design principles and industry best practices.
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Our team of highly skilled creatives is adept at crafting exceptional identity designs that truly represent your brand's essence.
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Graphic Design

We specialize in designing a wide array of graphic materials, catering not only to print but also to digital platforms.
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Social Media Design

We curate comprehensive social media campaigns, encompassing captivating creatives, impactful ads, and engaging posts.
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Packaging Design

We excel in creating diverse product packaging and label designs that resonate with your brand and captivate consumers.
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Website Design

We specialize in designing a variety of websites, including static websites, e-commerce platforms, and engaging blog sites.
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Why Choose Us ?
Features of Our Services

Excellence is our standard, as we consistently go the extra mile to deliver top-tier design services of superior quality, all while maintaining affordability.

Professional Service

We have a great team of expert Graphic Designers which are Specialized in their own fields.

Original Work

We always make sure that our design is Unique, Original and Copyright Free.

Friendly Customer Support

No matter whatever the situation is, we always listen to the client and responded to them asap.

After Sale Service

We believe in a long-term relationship, that's why we help clients even after the service is delivered.

On Time Delivery

We deliver on time services and never miss the deadlines. Once we agreed to the realistic timeline, we stick to it till end.

Free Consultancy

whether you work with us or not, we always give unbiased consultancy to every client. Without charging any money for it.
Year of Experiance

What Clients Say About Us

Over the past four years, our journey has intertwined with numerous clients and brands, fostering satisfaction and happiness with our delivered work—a tally that continues to grow. Here, we present glimpses of their experiences through heartfelt testimonials.

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You can work with us, in three Steps:
  • Tell us briefly About your Business and Problems you want to Solve.
  • We will send you a small One Page Quotation or a 20 Pages Proposal, whatever you want.
  • If you agree we will start our Process and Provide the Services and Deliverable you want.
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    We Publish Design related Blogs and Articles, to Help Graphic Designers as well as Business Owners.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The following are some of the Common Questions asked by our Clients:

    1. How can we start a Project Togather

    You can contact us through any medium of communication, We Prefer WhatsApp and Email. Once you contact us you will tell us your requirement, we will ask a few questions about your project and your business. When we will have enough information about the project, we will send the quotation to you. If you agree with the quotation and pay the 20% upfront as to project confirmation, The project will start. We will submit you the first draft within the given timeframe, and you will have to review the design. Once the design is final, we will deliver all the files after the final payment.

    2. How do you Charge?

    We charge on the following basis: 1. Hourly Basis, 2. Project Basis, 3. Monthly or Yearly Contracts. To know more Contact us and tell us your Requirments. We will give you the best possible options.

    3. What Software do you use to work?

    We use Industry Standard Software like, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe XD, Figma, Corel Draw, Blender, After Effects, Premier Pro.

    4. What File format you can provide?

    We can provide files in almost any file format, for example, if you get letterhead from us, we will give you to pdf, eps, ai, as well as a word file, ready to use. We can provide almost any type of file. So don’t worry about the file format.

    5. Can i copyright my Design Files?

    You will have full right to copyright your files. Your design will be original you can get it copyrighted any time you want. we can even help you with that process.

    6. How can we communicate?

    We can talk over WhatsApp Chat, Email, call, or video call, and we can send you the design for review over WhatsApp or Email, Whatever medium you prefer. We are available on all Social Media Platforms, You can Communicate with us over any other communication channel.

    7. I want to see your Design Process

    You can see our Design Process on our youtube channel which you can find on the contact us page. Or you can go to the services page to read about our process. if you have any doubt you can still contact us and ask us about our Design Process.

    8. What is the role of a branding studio in creating a unique identity for my business?

    A branding studio plays a pivotal role in crafting a distinct identity for your business. Through logo design, color schemes, typography, and overall brand strategy, they ensure your brand stands out and resonates with your target audience.

    9. How can a branding studio enhance my business's recognition and credibility?

    A branding studio employs design expertise to create a consistent and memorable brand identity. This consistent image across platforms builds recognition and credibility, making your business more trustworthy and easily recognizable.

    10. What sets a professional branding studio apart in terms of logo design and brand identity?

    Professional branding studios have a deep understanding of design principles, market trends, and consumer behavior. They combine these factors to create logos and brand identities that are not only visually appealing but also strategically aligned with your business goals.

    11. Can you explain the process of logo design and brand development?

    The process typically involves initial consultations to understand your business, followed by research, sketching, and iterations. The chosen concept is refined and developed into a final logo, often accompanied by a comprehensive brand identity package.

    12. Can you help design marketing collateral that aligns with my brand's identity?

    Certainly, as a branding studio, we can create marketing collateral such as brochures, business cards, and social media graphics that maintain a cohesive and aligned visual identity.

    13. How do you ensure that the logo and brand identity reflect my business's personality?

    Our branding process involves in-depth discussions to understand your business’s values, goals, and personality. This information serves as a foundation for designing a logo and brand identity that authentically represents your business.

    14. Do you offer ongoing support for branding materials and logo variations?

    Yes, we can provide ongoing support for updates, modifications, and additional branding materials, ensuring your brand’s identity remains consistent and adaptable.